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Take Home Catering
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In the current economic climate, operators are looking for new ways to grow sales. In a Foodservice Radio interview, Sandy Korem, "The Catering Coach," introduces the concept of take home catering and explains how it can help restaurants generate incremental sales."

"Take home catering is a revenue stream they can do from their restaurant," says Korem. "In the economy today, you have to have multiple revenue streams to survive. Take home catering involves taking the restaurant food and preparing it in a way that makes it a daily necessity. So customers don't think about coming once every two weeks, but now they may come twice a week."

To expand your catering business, Korem suggests starting at home. "You have a database. You have people that come in to your restaurant every day. You just need to introduce that you do events or that you are selling food they can pick up."

During the recession, while restaurants saw sales declines, Korem actually saw her sales increase. "There are two reasons people come to me and not a restaurant. One of them is tipping. There is no tipping when you do take home catering. The other thing is time. If they can't cook, they have to go somewhere and we are that answer."

Korem suggests branding your take home catering with labels to get continued exposure and advertising at the customer's home. People go to their refrigerator, freezer and pantry multiple times a day and will be reminded of your name each time they look for something to eat.

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