Serving children healthier school lunches while increasing participation seems like a daunting, if not impossible, task. Yet, Sodexo has done just that with their "Future Chefs" program.

Sodexo faces the many challenges of school food service - limited equipment and staff, dietary requirement and budgets of around $2.50/meal - as they serve over 2 million school lunches per day.

To help create more mindful school lunches that children will actually eat, Sodexo got the kids involved in the menu development process with the Future Chefs program. Students developed menu items which were evaluated by a Sodexo panel. The top students then created a YouTube video and the student with the most votes won - with some of the creations making it on to school menus.

This successful program was selected for the Menu Innovation Award at the National Restaurant Show this year. In this Cutting Edge Report, we talk with Brian Finn of Sodexo and get a full run-down on the program and examples of the menu items they created.
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School Nutrition - Sodexo Future Chefs Program
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Brian Finn - Sodexo