Street food and food trucks are a growing trend and tracks the location of 2,700 gourmet mobile food trucks each day. Ross "Big Burrito" Resnick, founder of, shares his insights on the street food movement and the questions you have to answer before starting a food truck program. Ross suggests:

- Determine your concept first - then decide if a food truck is the right method for getting the food to your customers.

- Don't skimp on branding your truck. The Food Truck environment is competitive and you need to capture attention right away.

- When building a truck, the kitchen is critical. It has to be highly efficient or you will not be able to produce the volume required to be profitable.

- Social media and food trucks are highly linked. Understanding how your customers use social media is important to success.

- A majority of the trucks are not profitable on street sales alone. Catering needs to be a key component of the mix.

For the complete interview, listen to the podcast below:


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