Generation Y - born after 1990 - are becoming a signficant factor in the food service workforce. Oren Hertz, instructor at Johnson & Wales University School of Hospitality, takes us through the mind-set of the Gen Y employee.

In summary, Gen Y employees:

- Look for more of a work/life balance and do not always put work first

- Do not accept structure and process on face value and are not afraid to ask "why"

- Do not respond as well to traditional training methods. Throw out the training videos and replace them with computer-based simuations and role playing

- Are highly creative and want to figure out and improve things

- Crave recognition and respond well to contests and awards

- Can work into leadership roles, but should be managed from a distance

- Understand they will likely be working for multiple companies throughout their career

By undestanding and approaching the Gen Y employee from their mindset, you can get a well-trained, motivated and engaged worker.

For the complete interview, listen to the podcast below:

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The Gen Y Employee - Motivating the Younger Generation
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