In this Business Intelligence Report, we speak with Daniel Ramirez of Monty & Ramirez about how to prepare and protect yourself in an Immigration I-9 investigation.

Here are some things to note about an I-9 Immigration investigations:

- The number of investigations has doubled in the past several years and some of them are chosen randomly

- Notes of investigation are hand-delivered to you location. Make sure your employees know to forward all hand-delivered documents to the management. At that point, you have three days to comply

- You need to save all I-9 forms for at least three years

- There can be penalties of up to $1,100 per violation and in cases where there appeared to be intent to circumvent the law, possible criminal penalties

Here are key steps to prevent penalties in case of an investigation:

1. Every restaurant needs to have a written immigration compliance policy

2. If possible, have an immigration attorney help with the implementation

3. Do an annual I-9 audit. This allows you to resolve and fix any errors without getting penalized

Monty & Ramirez website

For the complete interview, listen to the podcast below:

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I-9 Compliance Investigations - Protect yourself in advance
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