According to a recent Gallup survey, one in three employees are not engaged. Instead of coming in to work for what they can give, they just come in to work for what they can get. This disengagement impacts the profit & loss in tangible ways.

In an exclusive Foodservice Radio, we talk with Diane Herbel, Director of Field Training and Development for Perkins and Marie Callender's. She shares with us the three key elements of keeping employees coming to work with a bounce in their step and a smile in their heart.

Employment engagement heppens on three levels:

1. Engagement begins with the individual. Hiring the right employees are the first step in continued engagement.

2. Employers have to create the right environment for employees to stay engaged. Do deliberate things every day to help employees find satisfaction at work. For disengaged employees, it is important to find a way to help them check back in.

3. Make it extra special for employees every day. Have discipline around employee appreciation and show how we are grateful.

Engagement is about what people bring - knowledge, skills, ability, heart and hands. It has a number of impacts on the bottom line. Engaged employees:
- Reduce turnover and hiring
- Give that little extra
- Offer suggestions that improve the business

For the complete interview, listen to the podcast below:
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Employment Engagement - Getting Your Staff Motivated Every Day
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