As many as 15 million Americans and 300 million people worldwide have food allergies and the number of food allergies has gone up 18% in the past 10 years. Restaurants are increasingly encountering guests with special nutritional needs. Instead of being a liability or difficulty, these patrons can represent an opportunity if handled correctly.

Tracy Stuckrath of Thrive Meeting & Events has both a catering company and food allergies herself. In this exclusive Foodservice Radio interview, she talks about how to grow your business and decrease your potential for disaster by understanding and accommodating special nutritional needs.

Her suggestions include:
- Make sure your servers know how the food is prepared.
- Watch for cross-contamination.
- Use fresh foods where possible.
- Create several items that meet multiple dietary needs

Research indicates that up to 80% of patrons with food allergies restrict eating out due to a lack of trust in the restaurant's ability to understand and accommodate their needs. This represents a great opportunity to get these guests - and their friends - into your establishment.

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