Catering New Business Development - The Short Path from Contact to Contract
Interview with Jon Wool of Finesse Cuisine, Chicago.

First, understand how to clearly position your services.

Next, target Good Fit Clients (Clients who generate meaningful, profitable revenue, don't take an extraordinary amount of time and hire you often).

Align yourself with allied services, such as equipment vendors, floral vendors - anyone who is already serving your potential clients.

Understand who you are already serving, who is influential and can connect you to other opportunities.

When approaching potential customers:
- Do your research first
- Approach the company from the top, then work your way down if necessary
- Try to develop a friendship and relationship
- Look for a personal introduction
- Follow up with a quick note requesting a meeting
- It isn't about selling, it is about learning who they are, what they want to have happen at their events and learning about them as a person

Marketing is like an exercise program, it is hard and does require some discipline.

Click here to link to Jon's blog at JHW Hospitality Consulting

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